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Join Nairabet today and enjoy fantastic bonuses
For The Next 30 Days, NairaBET Will Give You An Extra 10% Bonus On Every Registration & Deposit You Make
[Image: 100-bonus_promo.jpg]
Get 100% free on  registration and deposit this December 
And this time, it is in celebration of Christmas. NairaBET is wishing you a very Merry Christmas this 2017 with an incredibly amazing offer.
Terms and conditions
You get 100% bonus on any deposit
E.g if you deposit a sum of 5000, you’ll get extra 5000 in your bonus account.
The maximum Bonus amount you can get is 100000 for example if you deposit 200000 the bonus amount you get is 100000.

  1. You must accept a voucher for the bonus to be activated. You have a maximum of 7days after a deposit to activate your bonus voucher.
  2. Once the voucher is activated, bonus value is credited into your bonus account and your account is switched to ‘100% bonus promo mode’. You can only activate one voucher at a time.
[Image: fb39fdf3-1e5d-4761-8eec-904177664866.gif]
In ‘100% promo mode, the following becomes applicable to your account.[/size]

  1. All previously existing offers (like cash out, bonus on accumulator, one game cut your ticket, goalless draw money back e.t.c) would be automatically deactivated.
  2. Stake is equally contributed from the main account and bonus account until bonus is exhausted after which withdrawal would be possible. E.g if you stake a bet of 1000, 500 will automatically be deducted from your main account and 500 from your bonus account.
  3. Bonus balance is valid for 7 days after which your account would be switched back to normal mode. Unused bonus amount would be withdrawn from the account at the end of the validity period.

  1. You will not be able to withdraw from your account once you activate the bonus voucher until bonus amount is exhausted OR until you rack up a stake of sum of initial deposit and bonus.
  2. Please note that the bonus contribution to stake would be deducted from winnings provided slip wins i.e When you win a bet, the bonus amount contributed would be deducted from total bet win. for example, if you place a bet of 1000, 500 is deducted from your main balance and 500 from your bonus. if you win 10000, 500 is deducted from the winnings and the remaining 9500 is added back to your main account.
  3. In the 100% bonus promo mode, the minimum allowed odds per selection/leg is 1.20 and the minimum total odds per bet slip is 20.0, this means you cannot place bets on selections with odds less than 1.20 and you must achieve minimum total odds of 20.0/bet slip before you can successfully register a bet. Else total stake amount is taken out of your main account and you’ll be unable to fully utilize your bonus balance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CLICK HERE TO OPEN NairaBET ACCOUNT
Normal mode is the account type where we have the existing offers like cash out, bonus on accumulator, one game cut your ticket, goalless draw money back e.t.c and withdrawals are not restricted.
Register and enjoy the offer 

[Image: nairabet_phyno.png]

[Image: 500.png][/size]
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